Artist Statement


My name is Allison Spreadborough. I’m a watercolor artist and Sacramento native. Plein air painting is my passion as is painting intuitively from a nature-inspired prompt. I mainly create landscapes to express my fascination with the ability of nature to quiet the mind and invoke a sense of wonder. I love painting scenes depicting deep space and I appreciate places unspoiled by modern influences.

When painting outdoors, I begin with a small compositional value sketch which I roughly transfer to larger archival cotton paper. I start painting with a wet-into-wet technique which entails painting with moist paint on wet paper. It’s exciting to see what happens as mineral and carbon based pigments mingle and to see how evaporation impacts each section of the painting. I also enjoy discovering new color combinations when glazing one color over another dry wash.


I typically paint in a style which I call Dreamy Expressionism meets California Regionalism. The Dreamy Expressionism description showcases a soft wistfulness and wonder depicting my inner awareness. California Regionalism celebrates a loose and abstracted blend of East and West influences such as brush calligraphy, simplicity, bold color and symbolism. Later, in the studio, I problem-solve the painting in an overhead mirror to critique any issues. Although this watercolor technique is unpredictable, the creative process feels freeing.